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Environmental Protection and EIA 2020: A Farce in India

By Shivam Bose The Government of India has always been working in tandem with the Judiciary for the betterment of its people and the access to safe and clean environment is a Fundamental Right guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. This has been upheld in multiple judgements, such as in Susetha v…

Vodafone: An Infamous Case of Retrospective Politics

By Upasna Agrawal Recently, the decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration at Hague has raised many questions on the way laws are enacted in India. The Permanent Court of Arbitration pulled up the Indian authorities for violating their treaty obligations under the BIT (Bilateral Investment Treaty), 1955. The violation of fair and equitable treatment…

The PM CARES Fund: What We Know

Countries across the world are facing harsh economic conditions and several have entered into recession owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. India itself saw economic growth contract by 23.9% for the first quarter of 2020. In such circumstances, it becomes imperative for governments to ensure that they have adequate financial resources in order to keep economies…

The Facebook- Committee Hearings: What It Tells Us About The Indian Parliamentary System

A crucial feature of a Parliamentary democracy is the ability of the legislature to act as an oversight for all actions of the executive. Every action of the executive, whether law or policy, necessarily needs to be scrutinised by the legislature. At a time when the technology-race is forcing governments to make difficult and irreversible…

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